Sydney Workshops

Workshops are in Centennial Park  for beginners through to enthusiasts.

We'll explore:

• How to shoot in Manual mode

• How to use the available light in any conditions

• Principals of Wildlife photography.

• How to take a great photos of people.

• We'll explore the best photo spots in the park

• Q and A

Please bring your camera if you have one, and something to take notes with.



Learn about the manual settings on your SLR and how to manage ISO, aperture and shutter speed for the type of image you're taking. We'll also talk about lenses, flashes and other camera gear and when to use these to get the perfect image. You'll learn about taking beautiful family and portrait photos, how to capture interesting landscapes, some macro photo basics and leave feeling so much more confident.


Adobe Lightroom is the program of choice for professional photographers to do post-production work on images. In our Lightroom workshops, you'll learn how professional photographers use this program to manage, sort and edit their pictures, and you can master more advanced techniques like photo stitching and creating the perfect shot from HDR raw files.



Our composition lessons teach you how to harness your natural photographic instincts, and what to be aware of when taking pictures. We cover balance and using your viewfinder grid to target hot spots, as well as what makes photographing subjects (people or animals) more engaging. You'll come to understand the five elements of composition and how they work together to make a stunning photo.