One on One Photographic lessons with Alistair MacDougall.
What better way to learn photography than directly from a professional with years of experience.
A personal class is the best way to fast track your photographic skill.
We’ll find out a bit about your style and photography interests to make each lesson perfect for you with nothing you don’t need to know.

Perfect for those who want to up skill their photography in a enjoyable hands on experience with someone who shoots for a living.

Choose a lesson below for a one on one lesson with Alistair at our place in Kingsford.


Camera 2 hrs

By the end of this lesson you’ll be shooting in Manual mode.
Giving you the technical skills you need to bring your creativity to life.

Learn how to manage shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

You’ll learn about lenses, flashes and other camera gear along with many simple hacks and tips to fast track your skills.

If you think you could be getting more from your camera this lesson will unlock your skills.

Bring you camera, (if you have one) and examples of work you would like to discuss.


Light 2 hrs

Light is the single most important aspect of photography.

Harness your natural photographic instincts and understand how to create an amazing photo in any lighting condition.

We’ll cover natural light, backlighting, night photography, flash photography.

In addition you will learn about the importance of composition and what makes a great photo.

Learn simple methods and tricks for beautifully lit photos.

Bring your camera, lenses etc.

Lightroom 2 hrs

Bring your photos to life!

Taking photos is only half the pleasure, developing and editing them is the other part of the process.

Adobe Lightroom is the program of choice for professional photographers for post-production in addition to photoshop.

You’ll learn all the key features and hacks professional photographers use to bring their photos to life.

A very enjoyable way to learn directly from a professional photographer with years of experience.

It’s not necessary to bring along anything other than something to write notes with. If you have a laptop with lightroom bring it along and and photos you may like to process.